DrEAMi! Bicycle Phone Pouch for Hubby

It was a DrEAMi! (drop everything and make it / SQUIRREL!) moment when Hubby said he needed a pouch with a neck strap while biking around the neighborhood for his phone. He likes to listen to audios and needed a way to easily get to the device. To make it more usable, a pocket for the headphones was also desirable.

Hubby is a musician; on 11/17/2017 I purchased a Holiday Fat Quarter set with some musical prints:

We discussed the size and I used my own instruction on How To Create a Fleece filled & Lined Pouch to create one with 3 panels instead of two.

Got the panels created then needed him to try out how long the neck strap should be. It is made from Island Batik Fat Quarter wrapping ribbon. I love keeping the ribbons now and I finally have a place for them in my Sewing H.Q.!

Friday night, I got it all sewn up and he used it that night. He's very pleased that it works well and meets his needs. I love it when a plan comes together!

Trixie completes the quality control inspection with an acceptable so I could give it to Hubby.



  1. Oh that is cute, and what a good idea! I love it when someone in the family says, "I really need ..." and you can figure out how to make it!

    1. Oh, me too! Thanks so much for commenting.

  2. How sweet to sew the musical fabric for the pouch for your husband! It's beautiful and I bet he loves being able to hear his music while biking! Also, wanted to thank you for your comment on my blog. I'm Laura, Grace's sister. I'd love to email you but don't want to list my email here...you could contact Grace and she'll give you my email. Right now I'm trying to decide how to alter a tshirt pattern to make a flannel cardigan for my granddaughter. I made one for myself and I love it. It's fun tweaking patterns or coming up with your own designs when you need something! Take care and stay safe and healthy in this time of covid...love and hugs!

    1. Thank you so much, Laura for your kind words. I will let Grace know to forward my email address to you! Take care of yourself also!!!


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