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15 Minutes To Stitch 2019 - Week 38

It's a great idea to track my sewing time to provide motivation on my projects. Since I am a fan of Kate's Life in Pieces blog, her 15 Minutes to Stitch 2019 seems like the right thing to do.

My commitment started on Tuesday the 2nd of April, Stitching statistics as of Sunday, September 22: Week 38: 5 of 7 = 71 % 33 minutes/day average across 7-daysSeptember: 17 of 22 = 77 %2019: 90 of 174 = 52 % My goal is to sew more than 2 days/week (2 of 7 = 29%)
I love sewing. I am having such a great time even only with a few minutes each day.

This week was fraught with a sick hubby and this morning, I work up with a scratchy throat and runny head. All week was very stressful starting every morning with meetings at 7 or 7:30 am calls with India and working until my regular end time 6-7pm. Friday was a big deal meeting that we needed to prepare for with my big bosses. I don't know if this week will be less stressful, but I have to find a way to deal with it and keep myself calm.

Also, …

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