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February One Monthly Goal Finished and 15 Minutes To Stitch 2020 - Week 6

This is a combined post for both my One Monthly Goal Finish for February 2020

And my 15-minutes to stitch with Kate of Life in Pieces 15 Minutes to Stitch in 2020 for this week

My 2020 goal is to stitch at least 15-minutes 50% of the days in the year.
Week 6: 6 of 7 = 86 %87 minutes/day average across 7-daysFebruary: 8 of 9 = 89 %2020: 34 of 40 = 85 % Back to Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal February 2020 when the Finish Link-Up is open I'll submit this post. My proposal post is HERE which was #82 in the Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal February Link-up.

I've gotten caught up on Patterns By Jen's 2020 Color Challenge which is based on Bird colors. I'm doing two different background sets, Navy & Oyster. For the end of January only the Navy background block had been completed. 

Now, all 4 blocks are done, top two for January and bottom two for February:

Here are just February so it will be easy for me to post on Jen's link-up:

Continuing the Leaders/Enders progress…

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