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November-End Furtling

As defined by Mini Archie, ‘Furtling’ means ‘having a rummage, a delve, a look at the contents of something’. So I have furtled around to see what I have been doing this month and now I’m going to furtle around the blogs of anyone else who links up over at Archie the Wonder Dog!

-Janine at Rainbow Hare on 2/28/2019

November done already? The time has been flying by and it feels totally out of control. It can be so super terrific when life is making so much merry in your life.

Some highlights included finishing my second #ridiculouslylongFALlist entry of the QuiltSmart Midi Bag from the Eerily Elegant fabric line which was also a #OneThingWithAmyFinish. Sunny & Trixie enjoyed the bag for a little while.

The sewing H.Q.! has all it's furniture including a cutting table.

Adjusted the hanging sleeve on the first quilt and then hang it on the Master bedroom wall behind the bed.

IKEA Rug for the final space that needed one, my office seating area

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