OMG September Finish

Setting an early deadline helped me stop what I was doing which wasn't working out the way I wanted (quilted ottoman cover) and focus on making the cover for my Gypsy Sit-Upon before tomorrow's guild's workshop.

For the September One Month Goal (OMG) my entry was #22Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal September Linkup.

You can read about the event and the rules on the main event page.

I successfully took 1-yard of fabric and turned it into a nice cover with handle. The fabric edge was  scalloped before a wash, dry, & press. Then the 4 pieces were cut:
Handle & Cover Front

Cover Back Halves
Since I had some comp time from working last weekend, I was able to take a Friday afternoon off and after a great chiropractic appointment and making a lovely lunch (Black Bean & Avocado bowl) I finished cutting the pieces and assembled the cover. The best hint was from a Facebook sewing group for my machine which showed me how to use the Button Shank Plate to help the foot deal with thin/thick layer transition. It was incredibly helpful:
Button Shank Plate coming off the thick layers
This worked out well to create the cover:
Gypsy Sit-Upon & my new cover
And it wasn't too bad to stuff after all I can stuff the dog's bed cozy cave stuffing into it's cover after washing. Here's the finished product:
I'm so pleased to have finished something since there is a lot on my mind to finish this month. What are you working on?


  1. Very fun, bright and pretty! Hard to beat something that deserves all three of those adjectives. Happy stitching this weekend.

    1. Thanks so much! The workshop was so much fun.

  2. Pretty and to be happy with that.

  3. Great finish. Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congrats on your finish!

    1. Thanks so much, Patty. I love the One Monthly Goal support!!!


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