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2019 Finish-A-Long Q3 Proposed Projects

House has been sold and the move out is less than 3-weeks away. No time for sewing right now. I expect that Hand-sewing may resume once the house sale finishes and we move 3-days across the country. We will live in a hotel suite with kitchenette while our house purchase goes through and we wait for our furniture to arrive.

My sewing things are in 2 groupings, the first group is what I have available to work on and will be easier to get my hands on. The second group is already in boxes and will be taken by a large moving company so they are not easy to access. I'm going to keep all the UFO's from the second group on the list just in case things change.

If you want to join in, head over to one of the hosts blogs, Marci Girl Designs is one, to review the rules.

Every project ever on one of my FAL lists (2018 & 2019) is now included until the project is completed or abandoned. With 60 entries, I am joining the#ridiculouslylongFALlist gang. If I can make progress on any of thes…

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