15 Minutes To Stitch 2019 - Week 36

It's a great idea to track my sewing time to provide motivation on my projects. Since I am a fan of Kate's Life in Pieces blog, her 15 Minutes to Stitch 2019 seems like the right thing to do.

My commitment started on Tuesday the 2nd of April, Stitching statistics as of Sunday, September 8:
  • Week 36: 6 of 7 = 86 % 
    • 50 minutes/day average across 7-days
  • September: 6 of 8 = 75 %
  • 2019: 79 of 160 = 49 %
My goal is to sew more than 2 days/week (2 of 7 = 29%)

There was a 38-day stretch of no stitching while we finished packing, moved into hotels, and moved across the country 950-miles, bought a new house, and 3 different movers brought our stuff to the house.

Accomplishments this week included:
  1. Found all the pieces for the custom Ottoman Cover and then after talking with hubby cancelled the entire project. Taking it off the Finish A Long list for Q4. Moved the fabric into a 'stash bin' and the batting into a bag.
  2. Precision cut the Trixie doll & clothes from the Heather Ross Trixie and Thomas panel
  3. Started sewing Trixie
  4. Made Trixie's quilt
  5. Ordered Jelly Roll Rug supplies for the new entry way

Burgundy and Blush Jelly Roll Rug for Periwinkle foyer
Trixie's first ear sewn, curve clipped, & turned; second ear ready to sew
Fabric back into the stash plus a neutral flannel which was going to be used for the ottoman cover
Trixie's Quilt Front

Trixie's Quilt Back

Next steps:
  1. Finish hand-sewing Trixie paired pieces together, assemble and stuff her
  2. Receive MSQC order with Jelly Roll Rug supplies & pattern and start sewing
How are you doing with consistency this week?



  1. Packing, moving and unpacking is quite an adventure. Glad you'be gotten settled enough to get back to your stitching. Love the Trixie quilt! Very fun and colorful.

    1. Thanks, Kate! It was so fun to finish something.


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