Vinyl Cover for Electric Piano Keyboard completed - 7/22/2018

Second finished project for Q3 2018 Finish-A-Long. #2018FALQ3DawnTuxKipperKelly

Keyboard Cover
It took 2 tries with muslin to get the cover the way I wanted it and now it's complete. And then I had to recreate the sides twice since it didn't measure quite right. 

Even though this keyboard has a console in the middle, I used this YouTube as the starting place. This cover is not hemmed.

A simple Flannel-backed Vinyl tablecloth from Bed, Bath, & Beyond provided the materials, 52"x70" Oblong as available HERE. The finished tablecloth edges were used for the front and sides so that I did not need to re-finish them.

While the console front is covered properly, the back is left unsecured to allow for the power cord and any other plug-ins by the user. I'm still debating about finishing the back since the whole thing is too heavy for me to lift on my own, I can't get to the back right now to take a good look. 

This one is done for home use, but do I want to offer this on an Etsy shop and finish the back better?

For reference, my Original Finish-A-Long List URL entry #7: Finish-A-Long_2018Q3

The entries were copied to a blog post: 2018-finish-long-q3-proposed-finishes

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