2018 Mid-Year Review

While I did not participate in setting Goals with Yvonne @Quilting JetGirl, I'm joining in for the mid-year review since I do have goals for 2018 #2018MidYearReview

1) Participate in Patterns By Jen's 2018 Color Challenge block of the month, only using fabric from my stash:

So far, I submitted from my Octagons quilt 2 months:
January Red

April Orange

Then I was able to make 2 of the month blocks:
May Green

June Purple

So, I need to catch-up by making January, February, March, & April blocks.

2) Finish project that are in progress already, I re-started sewing in 2015 so didn't have a 'stash' until after that time. Currently, I have fabric for over 100 projects in 2 closets. There are 5 quilt & 4 other projects in progress where something has been done more than just selecting fabric and a pattern.

There has been progress in 2018 as 4 quilts have been completed & 5 sewing projects are done. This is more than from 2017 where only 5 quilts & 4 sewing projects were completed over the entire year.

3) Increase my thread painting skills to design my own patterns: I've signed up for multiple workshops & classes

4) Learn how to fabric collage: added a Facebook friend who is in my state and does this as well as joining a Facebook group for this viewing beautiful examples.

5) Explore how to use my sewing and other skills that I use at work to be more fulfilled in my life. And determine the lifestyle I want to enjoy going forward.

I have been dealing with some health challenges especially in the last 60-days so I'm striving for balance in work, family, health, and hobby. All getting better & better!

If you want to learn more here's Yvonne's post:


  1. Thank you for linking up and I hope you have a productive rest of your 2018 as you work on these goals!

    1. Thanks so much, Yvonne. I'm thrilled to say I took 2 Thread Painting workshops at Quilt Odyssey in Hershey, PA last week. Nancy Prince was terrific!

  2. Personal care and balance is so important! Good for you in making it a goal. I quit my job in 2009 after being diagnosed with Graves Disease. After a 2+ year treatment with the endocrinologist I did well for 5 years before my thyroid "mis-behaved" again. After a radical diet change I have it all back under control. The color challenge has been a fun exercise. Enjoy your quilting :)

    1. Thanks so much for the encouragement, Melva. I'm starting to feel better. So glad you are back in the driver's seat.


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