July 26 Work in Progress

This week in the evenings, I'm working on the Pack-It-Up Pouch! started in Kate Colleran's workshop at AQS QuiltWeek in Lancaster on March 23, 2018. You can purchase the pattern and useful braid template from Kate HERE. It's been sitting in a bag behind me while I sew and having it left unfinished for 4-months has been bugging me. Here's a picture of the state it was in at the end of the workshop:

It's farther along now, but it's hard to take a photo of the interfacing lined back of fabric and have it be meaningful. Hoping to finish this weekend. And I'd like to start on the 2nd Pack-It-Up! pouch from my Q3 Finish-A-Long post using fusible fleece instead of stiff interfacing.

My stumbling block is adding my own label to this creation BEFORE sewing it together. Still haven't decided what I want to do. Stitch out the text on the lining fabric directly? Create a label and sew it on a folded tab in the edge seam? Any suggestions?


  1. Great project! Definitely one you should get back to. Love those fabrics! As for the label, I would probably go for a folded tab sewn into a seam. I think that would be fairly easy and be able to withstand the daily use you might give your Pack It Up Pouch! Thanks for linking up to Wednedsay Wait Loss--we're all about finishing up those projects!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer. And thanks for featuring me in WW 78! Much appreciated. I'm on to the same pattern bags #3 &4 next.


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