July and August-End Furtling 2019

Archie The Wonder Dog

As defined by Mini Archie, ‘Furtling’ means ‘having a rummage, a delve, a look at the contents of something’. So I have furtled around to see what I have been doing this month and now I’m going to furtle around the blogs of anyone else who links up over at Archie the Wonder Dog!

-Janine at Rainbow Hare on 2/28/2019

This is a 2-month Furtle entry as the months have blended together. I am feeling like a totally different person: hubby had skin cancer surgery, put my heart dog down, learned to love hubby's dog as an only-dog, moved 950-miles away from where I have been for the last 21-years. Lived in hotels for 2 weeks before, during, & after moved my family across the country where I drove the truck & trailer almost the length of a tractor trailer. Bought a new house long distance that I saw only once. Trusted others to move my things into the new larger house, even when the movers forgot 20% of our things the first trip. Took unexpected time off for dealing with all the above. AND finally experienced the uncertainty and fear of being in the house for 1-week when a monster hurricane, Dorian, is said to be heading for my new home and state. *Deep breath in and out*

As it's the final day of the month, let's look at what actually was accomplished!

While in the old house back in July, I finished putting together the Sunny Days in Pinkerville flimsy center:

Packed up the sewing supplies including laying out the Simply Sparkle Bliss quilt sandwich pieces and the Sunny Days in Pinkerville flimsy center. Then rolled these all together and wrapped them in thick plastic.

Moved across the country and picked the green room, painted by the seller for my sewing room, except for the fact that my sewing machine is out in the Great Room so that I can spend my sewing time with hubby watching TV at night. After the stuff I drove in the truck was brought into the house, Releasing the rolled up quilt supplies from the plastic was second only to setting up the ironing board.

Then, all the rest of the sewing supplies and stuff were delivered and put in the sewing room:

The sewing room shares a Jack & Jill bathroom with Hubby's music playing room.

Since moving into the new house, I have been able to accomplish my One Monthly Goal of precision cutting Trixie from Heather Ross' panel

And now Madame is back on her throne (Arrow's Bertha sewing cabinet) in the new home's great room. It took quite some time to wipe down every surface of the warehouse dirt.

To get the daylight lamp out, the rest of the fabric rolls were removed from plastic and leaned against the side of the sewing room's closet. I'm so happy to see them!!!

Hubby mentioned that he'd like a round/oval rug for the entry way, so I am hoping to receive and successfully make a Jelly Roll Rug with supplied from MSQC which had the 2.5" batting roll on sale.

I'm so glad to start to be able to put my hands on the fabric and supplies to sew again. It should look something like THIS:
Sorry, MA & the #ridiculouslylongFALlist committee, but I think I'll try this next.

How has your month or two gone?

Mini Archie's August Furtle Around The Blogosphere #2


  1. Replies
    1. Yes, thank you, Sheila. I'm so happy to be able to pet some of my fabric again. I'm leaving things in boxes for a while and want to sew which I have missed greatly.

  2. Wow, what a couple of months you have had. I hope you settle in to your new home and are safe from Dorian! Enjoy finding your stitching groove in a new space.

    1. Thanks so much, Sarah! I'm loving the new house and hubby and I have made good progress on unpacking boxes this weekend.

  3. Good gracious, lady--you've had so much to contend with the last couple of months! I hope life calms down a little for you now, and you find your feet in this place of complete newness. Sorry to hear about your dog; always a special kind of heartbreak. I hope that eases for you. Look forward to seeing your jelly roll rug next time--fingers crossed! xx

    1. Thanks so much, Hazel for everything you've said. Hubby told me this morning he doesn't want me to do the jelly roll rug, but it's exactly what he wants for the space. I think I will make it anyway and just get it done!

  4. What a roller coaster of a couple of months you've had - I think you need either a fortnight in your sewing room (with lots of snacks) or a holiday! I shall tell The Committee that the new JR rug comes under the Exceptional Circumstances clause so all should be okay as long as it's a relatively quick finish! Maybe some of those dots you get to turn hand knitted socks into slipper socks would be good on the underneath to stop it slipping? (The rug, not your wip list. Although...)

    1. Thanks so much for the Exemption for the JRR. I am thinking that getting a rug pad with non-slip natural rubber will be the way to go. I'd like the WIP list to no slip anymore as well so will continue my crafting work as much as possible. I'd love a fortnight in the new sewing room or a holiday, maybe in a fortnight when all the boxes are unpacked and the job stuff has settled down, very tenuous point right now with a client. *sigh* Glad to be in a place that I love anyway!


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